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Culture Metrix

What Gets Measured Gets Done.

To best understand the impact of culture on overall company performance, we provide the clarification you need to build the culture brand you deserve!

Research shows that a supportive work culture has a strong impact on the overall performance of leaders, individual contributors, and business success.

People don’t leave the work, they leave the work culture~ Lisa Haen

  • Would you like to better understand the performance needs of your team so you can spend more time leading?
  • Would knowing exactly how to improve work performance make your life easier?
  • Do you want to clarify your culture strategy and build a sustainable work culture that performs well under the pressure of change?

Then you need our analysis services to give you the clarity you deserve!

Through the collection and analysis of workplace culture indicators, we examine work patterns and systems, leadership impact, team alliance and help leaders transform company culture by shifting behavior and strengthening team performance using Culture Metrix Indicators (CMI’s).

The gathered data provides clarity around the six performance pillars of culture excellence that drives company culture and customer experience improvements.

What are the effects of culture on your company performance?

How does leadership support and direction impact culture norms?


Discover Your Culture Agility® Score

Clarify your culture agility strengths and vulnerabilities. Begin your transformation toward a thriving culture today!

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