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Lisa works with organizational leaders who want to increase profit, improve productivity, and create a sustainable culture.

We expect a lot from our 24-hour day. We all experience challenges,  manage change, and have an inherent need to communicate in ways that preserve our mental health and sanity. Truth is, the day-to-day hustle can weigh us down so much that we lose sight of what’s really important – what matters most in our life. 

Here’s the deal, we’re all trying to make a healthy living. Developing the right skills and getting along by authentically collaborating and connecting with each other – at least 85% of the time – is a whole lot better for our health and for bottom-line profits. Let’s do more of that. 

The good news is there’s a better way for us to work together. The model framework is shared during the keynote presentation titled Culture Agility; the Language of Work Culture. 

A diverse career as a business culture strategist, workplace safety consultant, and leadership coach powers Lisa’s actionable insights, lesson stories, and actionable techniques to help clients uncover a new and improved language of work culture.

Culture Inside Out Keynote programs are strategic, game-changing, and packed with life lesson humor driven by a passionate call to action. Lisa challenges her audience to look at their own outstanding contributions and perspectives that enhance workplace behavior by challenging the status quo and embracing innovative and tested techniques to achieve a healthy work culture.

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Culture Agility; The Language of Work Culture.

Our individual beliefs, our values, and our assumptions all contribute a collective melting pot that becomes our work culture.  The collective language spoken by our leaders and our teams shows up in the quality and value of our results.

Dysfunctional culture attributes and conflicting team behavior leads to high turnover, mediocre results, and leadership burnout – from the inside out. Changing the language of our work culture through predictive agility skills, practices, and hardwired behaviors.  We establish a collective and consistent Culture Agility language reinforces and reframes the cultural narrative and unlocks remarkable potential.

What we do, how we think, what we feel all contributes to the health or disfunction of the team. No matter your position, you’ve got an opportunity to make a difference if you act intentionally, with agility and skillfulness. 


Culture Agility; Disruptive Change Drives Culture Reconstruction

Are you positioned to thrive with the next big change?

In a transformative world filled with continuous change, the ability to focus forward with precision and authority becomes critical to our success. When faced with change, work cultures need to shift with virtual velocity and drive company change with a new belief system.

Culture Agility strengthens organizational culture by building a solid foundation of purpose to confidently advance strategic initiatives that fuel internal growth during times of change, disruption and uncertainty.

Workplace Safety Compliance to Culture Agility

Want to reduce work injuries while getting the job done on time and underbudget?

 Human performance is rooted in four key principles; Compliance Regulations and Rules that drive work practices, Powerhouse communication skills that drive relationships, Conflict Negotiations that establish collaboration/healthy boundaries and Interpersonal Savvy drives team effectiveness.


Closing vulnerability gaps and reinforcing leading indicators in the workplace ensures we perform the job safely. To reinforce safe behavior, we need to shift from directive authority to a hardwired mindset.  Actively engaging in leading indicators promotes desired outcomes of safe behavior from the inside out. This shift in operating philosophy, empowers human performance and helps organizations achieve safety excellence every day, every job.

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