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Dynamic Keynote Speaker

Delivering Powerful Keynotes that Inspire, Engage, and Empower

An inefficient culture impacts the stability (and productivity) of a workforce. Instability depletes resources, drives burnout, and creates a revolving door of vacated positions. 

Through dynamic keynotes, Lisa Haen shares inspiring content that accelerates learning. Her key culture agility principles guide leaders in their quest to attract, engage, and retain qualified talent and to make work-life more manageable. 

Lisa’s breakout programs are strategic, game-changing, and packed with real life examples.  She challenges her audience with key principles that build on their own experiences and perspectives to enhance workplace behavior to achieve a stable and productive work culture. 

Why Choose Lisa?

Because there’s just something about the energy and enthusiasm of a great keynote!

With decades of experience in developing high-performance teams, Lisa is uniquely qualified to deliver a high-value message with the kind of enthusiasm that empowers action!

She understands the challenges leaders face today and how those challenges impact team culture. With her no-nonsense relatable style, Lisa engages, inspires, and brings a wealth of relevant strategies, techniques, and practices to the stage!

VIRTUAL, HYBRID, or IN-PERSON; As a certified virtual speaker, Lisa delivers value and engages her audience in a virtual platform.


Culture Agility; Transforming the Language of Work Culture.

Dysfunctional culture traits and conflicting team behavior leads to high turnover, mediocre or strained results, and leadership burnout – from the inside out.

By changing the language of our work culture through predictive agility skills, practices, and hardwired behaviors, we establish a collective and consistent work environment that reinforces and reframes the cultural narrative and unlocks remarkable potential.

Culture Agility; Disruptive Change Drives Culture Reconstruction

Are you positioned to thrive with the next big change?

In a transformative world filled with continuous change, the ability to focus forward with precision and authority becomes critical to our success. When faced with change, work cultures need to shift with virtual velocity and drive company change with a new belief system.

Culture Agility strengthens organizational culture by building a solid foundation of purpose to confidently advance strategic initiatives that fuel internal growth during times of change, disruption and uncertainty.

Workplace Safety Compliance to Culture Agility

Want to reduce work injuries while getting the job done on time and underbudget?

 Human performance is rooted in four key principles; Compliance Regulations and Rules that drive work practices, Powerhouse communication skills that drive relationships, Conflict Negotiations that establish collaboration/healthy boundaries and Interpersonal Savvy drives team effectiveness.

Closing vulnerability gaps and reinforcing leading indicators in the workplace ensures we perform the job safely. To reinforce safe behavior, we need to shift from directive authority to a hardwired mindset.  Actively engaging in leading indicators promotes desired outcomes of safe behavior from the inside out. This shift in operating philosophy, empowers human performance and helps organizations achieve safety excellence every day, every job.

Discover Your Culture Agility® Score

Clarify your culture agility strengths and vulnerabilities. Begin your transformation toward a thriving culture today!

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