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We help talented, competitive, passionate people adapt and navigate change!

The culture agility model

Helps Organizations become a premier employer.

The culture agility model

Helps Professionals advance their career.

Create a Thriving Work Culture

As an organization, you grow stronger with cohesive leadership and culture-driven teams. You’re forced to shift the way you do business and  there’s great value in understanding what your culture image says about your company. What happens on the inside shows up to the world on the outside and your culture image drives company reputation. It’s important to get it right.

As a leader, you face more diverse challenges in today’s workplace than ever before. You’re tasked to stay connected and productive from a distance, motivate, engage and help your team navigate efficiently through challenges and change while managing your own career goals and responsibilities. Having a strong culture strategy to help your team transition through the current work shift  is a game-changer!

The Culture Agility Model,  offers an inside clarifying look at the strength and language of your work culture. It provides the Culture Metrix necessary to quantify, identify, and close vulnerability gaps that derail productivity and stunt growth. Your customize scorecard serves as a practical roadmap to your company’s customized tools, required skill sets, and culture strategies that will help create and retain culture-driven achievers.

Protect against the burden of circular conflict, burnout, 
and unnecessary frustration.
Stop wasting time focusing your efforts in the wrong direction.
Get the clarity you need to reach the results you deserve.

Your core culture strength matters!

The workplace is rapidly evolving and work culture is suffering. We believe a strong and adaptive relationship between talent management and core business strategies creates the cohesive and sustainable workforce culture you deserve.

If everyone understands the language of your work culture; talented, competitive, passionate people work better together!

You know you deserve it, let us help you find the right strategy to fuel your focus and create an outstanding culture advantage! 

Design Your Culture Agility Advantage


Designed to build a solid work culture foundation and sharpen a specific set of skills that strengthen team alliance and promote remarkable results. Tactics that Transform. Work Better Together.


Holding a great event for some fantastic people?Want a keynote speaker who will convey a powerful message it in a big impactful way? Great ~ Lisa Haen delivers!

Executive Retreats

Where purpose, strategy, and fun collide. What better way to recharge and develop your strategic playbook than to do something intentional and fun together!


Need a guide for transformative next steps or just some fine tuning? You’ve got this! We're here to help guide you through the process and achieve remarkable results

Strengthen Your Culture Agility with Culture Inside Out.   

When is the Last Time You Measured Your Culture Strategy
Through the Lens of:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Control
  • Team Collaboration
  • Organizational Communication
  • Leader Development
  • Employee Engagement

Why Culture Inside Out?

We understand how difficult it is to build strength around every aspect of your business and it’s important to find the right culture care partner to guide you through the transformation process.

We’ve seen vulnerabilities in tactical human connections hinder productivity and create a workplace where company growth fails to reach its full potential. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to your business.  Our Culture Agility Model framework helps simplify the systems and skills that improve the way we work together. We believe in the amazing benefits of improving the people side of your business to create a sustainable workforce. 

You deserve to work in a culture that thrives in changing times. 

Are You Curious About Your Culture Agility Score?

Want to discover the strategic areas where your team can improve culture resilience and work better together? 

Take the 5-minute challenge and get your culture agility score today!

Take The Challenge!

What’s your culture agility score? 

Your Culture Agility Scorecard reveals your work culture  archetype and your PowerHouse Skills. 

Challenge yourself – You Deserve to Work in a Thriving Culture. 

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