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"Solid Leaders Build Stable Work Groups"
Attract, Engage, and Retain Qualified Talent
Strengthen Leadership Impact
Design a culture where people want to perform well
Make Work-Life More Manageable

Why Culture Inside Out?


Our integrated training and consulting services provide consistent support across all levels of the organization. From leadership team to front line worker, we design programs that give you the competitive advantage in
business leadership and culture development.


Our consulting services provide integrated solutions to support sustainable culture change. Our educational programs include lessons, exercises, and reinforcement tools that sustain learning beyond the classroom. It's not enough to simply learn new skills and abilities, you need critical practices and reinforcements for lasting behavioral change.

Strategic Partnership

Since 2010, we provide the clarity and support leaders deserve. We eliminate fractured solutions that limit growth. Leaders who prioritize and activate the right strategic initiatives achieve better results.
"We serve as the GPS to get you where you want to go"

Measurable Results

Leaders who earn their Culture Agility Leadership Certification
turnover, conflict, hazards in the workplace, wasted time and money.
performance, proficiency, reliability, and employee engagement

Protect against the burden of circular conflict, burnout, 
and unnecessary frustration.
Stop wasting time focusing your efforts in the wrong direction.
Get the clarity you need to reach the results you deserve.
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Enroll in the Leadership Program

Inspire greatness in your team and improve performance. Develop actionable strategies and implement high stakes tactics that take your leadership impact to a whole new level.

Enroll in the Culture Agility Program

Six strategic modules give you the clarity you need to reach the results you deserve. Lessons, toolkits, and best practices designed to strengthen and protect workplace culture.

What People Are Saying.

"Lisa is an amazing instructor and I enjoyed my time in class very much! She kept it engaging and moving forward, nice job!
Tim V.
Lead Instructor
"Lisa brought a level of energy that kept our interest and she shared so many ideas to make our workplace a more efficient and effective place to do our work-despite the distractions going on in the world of business today!"
Mike H.
Operations Director
"Our Culture Agility Scorecard showed us where we were vulnerable and gave us specific strategies to make solid changes that improved the strength of our team success!"
Sarah P.
HR Director


Designed to build a solid work culture foundation and sharpen a specific set of skills that strengthen team performance and promote remarkable results. Using tactics that transform, we work better together.


Are you holding an event for some fantastic people?Want a keynote speaker who will convey a powerful message it in a big impactful way? Great ~ Lisa Haen delivers!

Executive Retreats

Where purpose, strategy, and fun collide. What better way to recharge and develop your strategic playbook than to do something intentional and fun together. Create peak performers!


Need a guide for transformative next steps or just some fine tuning? You’ve got this! We're here to help guide you through the culture agility process so you can focus on achieving remarkable results!

Strengthen Your Culture Agility Performance with Culture Inside Out.   

Discover Your Culture Agility® Score

Clarify your culture agility strengths and vulnerabilities. Begin your transformation toward a thriving culture today!

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