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OSHA Compliance Training
“Safety Excellence is No Accident”

Popular OSHA Compliance Training Programs

OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction Class
OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry Class

Safety Onboarding Orientation
Confined Space Entry/Rescue
Excavation Competent Person
CPR Certification
Power Industrial Truck Certification


OSHA Authorized Training Designed to Improve Safety Performance


Safety Compliance

  • Fall Protection
  • Machine Guarding
  • Confined Space
  • Excavation
  • Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO)
  •  Respiratory Protection
  • and many more!


  • Forklift
  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • LivingSafe Leadership Certification

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LIVINGSAFE  Program Descriptions

Safety Culture Agility Series
PART ONE; Safety Culture Mindset
“Strengthen and Protect Your People and Your Business – from the inside outside”

The definition of workforce is rapidly evolving and if you want your people safe at work, building a strong and resilient post-covid safety culture will differentiate your company from others in the marketplace. Want to attract top talent? Want your people to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason- even when no one is looking? Want to win best-in-class safety culture and reduce risk and injury? Then this series is for you!

Research shows that an integrated approach to culture development best shapes behavior. And when it comes to a strong and protected safety culture, shaping safe behavior is critical operational component.

When front line leaders master a unique set of safety culture agility skills, their crews work better together, they lower hazards and injury rates, they get better results in their work, cascaded goals and major projects get done with minimal challenge, and interpersonal communications get easier.

In this seminar, you will:
  • Recognize critical areas of safety leadership impact (model the way)
  • Understand how to build crew alliance to protect against hazards on the job
  • Identify how to make requests of others and provide safety resources
  • Learn effective communication skills on the job site
  • Learn to deal with change challenges – from resistance to resilience
  • Identify key negotiation skills to resolve conflict
Master safety culture building practices that prevent injuries and
create a safe and healthy workplace.
OSHA Safety Compliance classes provide the most advanced compliance training to discover regulatory understanding in a way that promotes and reinforces safe behavior. 

Safety Culture Agility Series
PART TWO; Human Performance
“The best defense against workplace injury is preventive conditioning.”


Make the sustainable shift from ruled compliance to safety culture: why shaping safe behavior is more important than ever! Are you looking for sustainable solutions to improve safety compliance and prevent accidents? Do you want to build confidence in your crews to get the job done safely (and within budget)?

From new hire to veteran worker, create a cooperative and engaged safety culture of ownership and accountability. In business today, you need sustainable solutions that help workers make safe decisions, work together collaboratively, and overcome the obstacles of daily operations.

Normalizing the risk is one of the leading human risk indicators of workplace accidents. Stop driving compliance from a regulatory or rule-based perspective. Instead, create an integrated balance of regulatory education and hardwired behavior practices that improve and sustain safe performance in the workplace. The practice of human performance helps crews get the work done safely and more efficiently.

In this seminar, we will:
  • Recognize the role and benefits of Human Performance in the workplace
  • Identify the tools and sustainable best practices of human performance
  • Recognize the components of building ownership and personal accountability
  • Building rapport using integrated communications
  • Apply techniques for compliance interpretation to increase hazard awareness and support accident prevention
  • Plan for sustainable safety culture brand
Master human performance practices that prevent injuries and
create a safe and healthy workforce.


Safety Culture Agility Series
PART THREE; Incident Investigation 
“What gets measured gets improved”


You try hard to prevent accidents in your workplace but when they happen, how you collect, analyze, and communicate incident metrics influences the strength and sustainability of your safety culture. Master skills, strategies, and practices that help you conduct an effective accident investigation and keep your workforce safe. Leave this course with the skills to conduct an investigation and confidently complete an accident investigation report.

In this seminar, we will:
  • Learn how to gather useful information
  • Learn how to analyze the facts surrounding the accident
  • Identify reporting requirements (i.e. OSHA)
  • Learn how to keep the accident scene safe
  • Create the accident report
Master investigation skills that prevent injuries and
create a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety Culture Agility Series
PART FOUR; Root Cause Anaylsis
“What gets measured gets improved”


When a workplace incident occurs, it is critical to find and understand the cause.
Successfully discovering the root causes of accidents or close calls in order to identify appropriate solutions allows you to systematically identify and solve underlying issues. It’s equally important to write factual reports and efficiently communicate the findings to educate the workforce and prevent reoccurrence.

In this seminar, we will:
  • Determine the underlying cause and formulate mitigation actions
  • Address safety culture agility efforts to prevent similar or same incident occurrences
  • Communicate findings
  • Complete an investigation report using practice techniques
Master root cause analysis strategies that prevent injuries and
create a safe and healthy workplace.

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