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Culture Inside Out® is a consulting agency dedicated to redefining the relationship between internal growth and external positioning.

Our work and how it helps you

Position your company to be the best investment choice for talent, investors, and clients!

Our work at Culture Inside Out® is highly collaborative. We take a systems approach to culture development to help leaders clarify and apply proven strategies that close misaligned gaps and strengthen culture agility to fuel internal growth

Culture Agility® is a game-changing differentiator that reinforces collaborative human achievement maintained in conditions suitable for continuous growth

Agility strengthens from the inside out. 

The way we communicate on the inside as an individual, a team, or an organization, shows up to the world on the outside – and is reflected in our business influence and position.



Lisa became a cultural change agent by accident…literally! She spent her career helping leaders prevent accidents at utility companies, construction firms, and industrial manufacturers. Where Safety mishaps were the symptoms, the root of the problem was the culture. 

During her years within accident prevention, she’s witnessed the array of dangers a toxic culture breeds and how it poisons all aspects within a company.  It lowers morale, creates a revolving door of vacated positions, workload stress, adverse leadership impact, preventable injuries and even loss of life.

Lisa realized something needed to change and it inspired her to create the consultancy firm, Culture Inside Out LLC where she guides smart business leaders in tackling the root of their culture problems, once and for all! Ensuring safe and healthy work environments, less turnover, better morale, and the best leadership teams resulting in improved productivity, and increased profitability.

What happens inside company culture, shows up to the world on the outside, often in drastic ways.It matters how we show up! 

Position your company to be the best investment choice for talent, investors, and clients. Period. – Lisa Haen

What is the Culture Agility Program

"What Gets Measured Gets Done"

The Culture Agility® Program was created in response to requests for strategies to strengthen leader influence, manage change, and inspire collaboration across functioning teams during organizational shifts. We believe what gets measured, gets done!

The Program supports and guides you
through a series of transformational steps using align, adapt, and drive principles to strengthen and protect your company brand.

By strengthening core attributes, leaders and their teams create and inclusive culture that operates at peak performance and thrives in complexity. 

Our products and services

Lets get you the clarity you deserve

Executive Retreats

Off-site, on-purpose is the best way we know to hold a productive meeting of the minds! During our strategic retreats, we rediscover and explore new strategies, test drive a variety of sustainable improvement tools and collaborate to strengthen leader influence.

Keynote Speaking

If your event goal is to engage your audience with buzz-worthy content that accelerates learning and energize your audience into action, Lisa’s the keynote speaker for your event!

Culture Agility® Series

The Culture Agility Series is offered as an on-site strategic series that breaks down the key strategies that directly affect how well your organization is conditioned for growth through the lens of agility. We identify and provide tailored steps that close misaligned gaps and strengthen core skills that contribute to a successful culture transformation.

LivingSafe™ Series

The definition of workforce safety is rapidly evolving and if you want your people safe at work, build a strong and resilient safety culture. When front line leaders master a unique set of safety culture agility skills, crews work better together, they minimize hazards and lower injury rates, cascaded goals and major projects get done with minimal challenge, and interpersonal communications get easier.

OSHA 10/30 Courses

For employees and supervisors, these OSHA courses guide you through specific compliance topics allowing you to apply your knowledge, clarify your safety goals and achieve your desired results.

Medic First Aid

MEDIC First Aid Instructors provide emergency care certification and are supported by world-class customer service and technical support from Medic First Aid.

Culture Impacts Performance....

If your culture lacks clear purpose, then individuals will experience difficulty supporting the organizational cause.

If you spend too much time buried in the details, then you miss opportunity.

If teams are competitive then tension is high.

If job security and status quo are high, then we are more resistant to change.

If we’re too busy navigating hurdles, then our systems and relationships are strained.

If our boundaries are blurred, then our focus low.

If client demands are high then self-care is sacrificed

If retention is high, then innovation is low.

If competition is high, then team collaboration is low.

If isolation is high, then you risk strained relationships.

Discover Your Culture Agility® Score

Clarify your culture agility strengths and vulnerabilities. Begin your transformation toward a thriving culture today!

Take The Challenge!

What’s your culture agility score? 

Your Culture Agility Scorecard reveals your work culture  archetype and your PowerHouse Skills. 

Challenge yourself – You Deserve to Work in a Thriving Culture. 

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