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Safety Culture Program

Build a Sustainably Strong and Resilient Safety Culture


As a safety or HR professional, it is the phone call or office visit you dread the most! an employee reports a serious workplace accident and an investigation into what happened, quickly follows.

Join us for this four-part series where we guide you through expert investigative techniques, tool, and systems to ensure you get to the root cause of the incident. Because when you uncover the truth, you are in a better position to successfully report and mitigate the hazard(s) in the workplace, shape safe behavior, and build a sustainably strong and resilient safety culture.

Participate in the entire series or mix and match the sessions that will best build on and strengthen your investigation/mitigation skills.

*To receive the 50% discount, you must register 2 people at the same time. For registrations of 4 or more, please contact;

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